At the plant of KAZAN SODA ELEKTRİK ÜRETİM Inc., Dense Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) and Sodium Bicarbonate will be produced from trona with 'environmentally friendly' methods. Unlike the underground mining method where wastes are mined together along with ore, with solution mining, only the required ore is dissolved and released to the surface leaving solid tailings underground. Hence, with this method, impact to the environment is at minimum. Another advantage of solution mining is that the negative impact on existing land use (agriculture, forests, etc.) is minimal as it only requires surface area for well locations and pipelines. In addition, the rehabilitation of well locations and the pipeline sites used in solution mining is easier.

KAZAN SODA ELEKTRİK aims at a production that will contribute to a livable future in the world. In line with this objective, it will use natural resources responsibly in its production units. Natural Dense Soda Ash production requires much less energy and much less water when compared to Synthetic Soda Ash production. In addition, the amount of CO2 emission is extremely low compared to other production methods. A large portion of the CO2 retained during the production is used in the production of "Sodium Bicarbonate".

In the production units of KAZAN SODA ELEKTRİK plant, all of the liquid waste that emerges during production, which is called "purge", will be converted into caustic soda for re-use in Dense Soda Ash production. In addition, the lime mud coming from the caustic soda production system will be recycled for internal use in the KAZAN SODA ELEKTRİK lime recovery plant, where lime mud will be converted into lime. In this way, the efficiency of the plant will be increased thanks to the recycling of waste whereas the elements that harm human health and environment will be removed and a sustainable environmental management system will be established.